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Simplicity and Elegance: Wedding at Valley Garden Center in Phoenix, AZ | Daniel & Cadence

A Wedding Under the Mesquite

Nestled in the heart of the desert, the Valley Garden Center takes you away to lush greenery with its variety of gardens and a serene ambiance. The picturesque backdrop is perfect for any couple's special day and it's a perfect place for blending simplicity and elegance. Join us as we take you on a journey through Daniel and Cadence's special day.

The Details and Reception

The ceremony was nestled under the canopy of a 125-year-old mesquite tree, the oldest in Arizona, and provided a beautiful serene place for Daniel and Cadence to exchange their vows.

Their color palette of sage and teal, accented with pops of rust made stunning floral arrangements, adding depth and vibrancy to the flower bouquets and decor. The bridesmaids, in sage gowns, brought an earthy elegance to the occasion, while the groomsmen donned sharp grey suits paired with teal ties, perfectly complementing the overall color scheme. Cadence's wedding dress was so elegant and beautiful, with that lovely sweetheart neckline and a long flowing train making her one of the most gorgeous brides ever.

The couple's personal touch shone through with DIY signs and thoughtful favors, where guests received flower seeds to symbolize growth and love. Each guest was also asked to write a date night idea on a card. This allows the couple to look back when they are in need of a date night in the future.

Laughter and memories were made at the reception where they were surrounded by family and friends. Forgoing a traditional cake was a fun highlight, as the couple partook in a bundt cake and for the guests a dessert table of ice cream, fruit, and fondu. I saw the bride and groom sneak some extra dessert for the table too in between dancing and celebrating with family and friends.

First Touch

Before their wedding ceremony, Daniel and Cadence chose to share an intimate and emotional moment known as the "first touch." This beautiful tradition involves the bride and groom coming together, often separated by a door or a blindfold, where they can hold hands or exchange heartfelt messages without seeing each other. It's a powerful, anticipation-filled moment where they can offer words of love and encouragement, easing any pre-ceremony jitters and reaffirming their commitment to one another. This private connection, away from the eyes of their guests, sets the tone for the rest of their special day, reminding them of the profound love they share as they prepare to walk down the aisle and say "I do." As you can see Cadence had her notebook and Daniel had his phone out holding the special sentiments they had for each other. Being part of a first touch or a first look is one of my favorite moments to capture on a wedding day.

Daniel and Cadence,

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your wedding day! You two make a wonderful couple and I wish you all the best in your future!

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