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Love in the Arizona Wilderness at The Pioneer Living History Museum

Updated: Apr 3

Couples will tell me its hard to tell their love story when meeting on a dating website. But not Amber and Cameron they took the new way of finding your true love and turned into their story. Amber told me that their first date was as the Arizona Wilderness Brewery. "So now, rather than saying we met online, we say, “We met in the Az wilderness”." I absolutely love that.

The laid back, rustic location of the Arizona Wilderness Brewery was also seen in their wedding at the Pioneer Living History Museum. The details of elegance and rustic met; from the wood signs to gorgeous greenery, roses and rustic orange seen throughout. A cowboy hat used for the sign in book was a unique and special touch. The bridesmaid were in an array of colors from the rustic orange to the maroon and sage green. Let's not forget to mention the denim jackets to top off the look. The wedding captured that rustic appeal but also colors of the Arizona desert.

Amber walked down the aisle towards Cameron with the desert in the background along with palo verde trees adding a touch of green and towering over the alter. Amber dress was a sweetheart cut with detailed florals and a tie up back showing the fairy tale romance to the day. Amber and Cameron went with a first look before the wedding and the Pioneer Living History Museum had the perfect white gazebo to capture the intimate moment before the ceremony.

The reception finished the evening, a beautiful day to be outside. There was dancing, laughter and love.

Amber and Cameron,

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! Thank you for allowing me to capture every detail of your wedding, you two have happiness all around.


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